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by Leon Anthony 21 Jul 2022

Adequate concealment of your weapon typically falls to two essential factors; ease of access and level of hiding. Generally, the more concealed your weapon is, the more effort you need to put into drawing it.

Concealed carry is when your firearm is hidden from those around but can still be easily accessed. A regular concealed carry can be accessed quicker but is also spotted easier. 

Deep concealment is when you conceal your weapon to the point that it is invisible to everyone but you. Some would say that proper deep concealment would be able to hide your gun from even a skilled pat-down, but there are still disagreements about what it truly means.

So, if deep concealment means that your draw will be slower and require more effort, why would someone choose to do it? There are plenty of reasons, and in this article, we go over why someone would deep conceal, what the potential drawbacks are when you should choose deep concealment, and some suggestions on which holsters would work for deep concealment. 


 There are plenty of reasons that you would want to deep conceal. It ensures that your weapon is completely hidden, which means you can keep control of the situation without scaring or triggering anyone else to overreact. You can wear a broader range of clothing, which means you will be more comfortable in any environment. It offers greater security because your firearm will be secured and tucked away. You also will have greater freedom of movement, meaning that you will be able to focus on your environment instead of messing with your fit.  

There are plenty of other reasons to choose deep concealment over regular concealment, but these are just a few. If these reasons resonate with you and seem to fit your everyday life, then they may be the best option for your concealed carry routine.  

 Just remember that the more you conceal your weapon, the more you will have to do when you need to draw it. Keep this in mind when you decide how you choose to conceal for the day.


 Although there are many great reasons to deep conceal, it may not be the best option for everyone. If your goal with concealing is to have your firearm easily accessible, deep concealment may not be for you. Since it’s tucked away deeper, your gun may be less accessible in a trying situation. Deep concealment also works best with smaller firearms. If you’re looking to carry a larger handgun, you may struggle with deep concealing it successfully and comfortably. Deep concealment also makes it harder to conceal high capacity magazines, so if you’re looking to reload consistently and quickly, deep concealment may not be for you. 


How you conceal is going to be contextual. If you live in a cold environment and you can comfortably wear heavy coats and bulkier clothing throughout the day, then your options for concealment are going to be more robust. But what about those in warmer climates where it’s common to wear shorts and tank tops?

Maybe you want to carry to and from the gym or wherever you work out, or when you’re headed to the grocery store, or during an outdoor activity in warmer weather, in any of those cases, deep concealment is the best option.

 There are many options for deep concealment that are both comfortable and easily accessible. You just need to prepare in advance by purchasing concealment clothes and practicing your draw from that position.


 If you decide to deep conceal as opposed to regular conceal, there are plenty of comfortable options available. 

  • A belly band is an excellent option for deep concealment. If you choose a material that is comfortable and follows the contours of your body, then you will hardly notice it’s there. Most come with extra pockets for a spare magazine or essential documents.
  •  Ankle holsters are another comfortable option when you have the option of wearing pants. They can allow you to carry a larger gun more comfortably, and it makes tasks like sitting or bending forward a lot easier.
  • Holster tanks are an excellent option for concealment clothes. They give you a lot of freedom in the clothing you can wear, it doesn’t restrict movement, they offer a lot of extra room for storage, and they are incredibly secure.

No matter which option you choose, make sure you conceal safely and with confidence.

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