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by Leon Anthony 21 Jul 2022

There’s no one size fits all for concealed carrying. The most crucial part is making sure you’re comfortable, your firearm is concealed, and you are ready to draw at a moment’s notice. 

There are plenty of concealed carry options, but one of the most popular is deep concealment shirts. If you usually buy plus size, it may seem like there aren’t many plus size concealed carry shirts. Thankfully, that isn’t true. There will always be concealment carry shirts that fit no matter what body size or shape you are (Concealment Clothes offers up to a 2XL).

Out of all the concealed carry methods, which is the best way to conceal your firearm if you’re plus-sized? We have compiled our top four factors to consider when picking out your concealed carry accessories. 



Everyone is different, which means other concealed methods will work best depending on your body shape. The main goal with concealed carry is to find a spot where your gun can lay flat against your body. This leaves less chance of printing and discomfort.

For example, if you’re top-heavy with a round stomach, then an appendix carry may not be your best bet. However, you could effectively carry anywhere from your side and back to your ankle. Take some time to think about where the most comfortable place would be for your specific body type. 

If you’re looking for an ankle holster, Concealment Clothes has you covered. Shop here.


There are plenty of options, but some of the best for plus-sized concealed carrying is higher or lower than your waistline. That way, your firearm isn’t cutting into your side or distracting you from your environment. Some of the options we suggest for plus size concealment carry are ankle holsters, belly bands, concealed carry shirts, or any waistline alternatives.

 If you decide that you still want a waistline carry method, then there are still things you can try to do to make it more comfortable. You can try modified holsters that allow the gun to rest higher or lower than average on your body.

 This can allow you to comfortably have an appendix carry without it interfering with your daily life. There is always the custom option, but if you’re looking for an affordable and study concealed carry, Concealment Clothes has plenty of options. 


 Concealing extra magazines below or around the waist may pose a unique challenge for larger concealed carriers. Typically, a spare magazine is stored vertically, meaning it can easily poke into your body and make for an uncomfortable experience. 

If you purchase an additional magazine holder, you can move it towards your back, where it’s less likely to fold into your stomach, but there are still some good options if you are more comfortable picking it up from your side.

 Look for something that allows you to store the extra magazine horizontally for it to follow the contours of your hips or use concealment clothes. 


One of the most important things you can do to conceal your weapon effectively is to choose comfortable concealment clothes. Here is why.

 More likely than not, you spend the majority of the day away from home. This means that if you decide to carry, you are stuck with your gun on your body for the entire day. The last thing you want is to be stuck carrying something that makes you uncomfortable and interferes with your daily life.

 Comfortable clothing not only opens up a lot of possibilities of what you can carry, but it also makes your daily life a lot easier. You can focus on your environment instead of messing around with your fit. 

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