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by Leon Anthony 21 Jul 2022

Choosing to conceal carry a firearm means taking responsibility for the safety of you and those in your surrounding environments. That responsibility never turns off, especially during work hours. If you have to wear dress clothes to work, you may find yourself having a harder time concealing your firearm.

As you probably know, there is a difference between carrying your gun underneath your clothing and effectively concealing it. Concealing your firearm means that it is not able to be seen by anyone around you. Effectively concealing your firearm with dress clothes can be complicated since dress clothes tend to be more fitted.

In this article, we provide 7 tips on how to master concealing while wearing dress clothes.


  1. Wear a Patterned Dress Shirt: Patterns are a great way to reduce printing (when the outline of your concealed firearm is visible through your clothes) of your firearm through thinner dress shirts. Not all patterns are created equally, but having something to break up the line of vision on your shirt is a great place to start. Colored patterns will help conceal the bulge of your gun. Try a few different patterns to see what works best. Be careful of some vertical stripes as they can highlight a firearm bulge.
  2. Thick, Starched Fabric: Thin coats and shirts have a tendency to grab the curves of your body instead of flattering them. Heavy fabric falls softer and does a better job concealing firearms. Adding some starch and ironing your clothing will help with concealing and also helps to look even more professional.
  3. Size Up: Dress clothes tend to be more fitted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one size up to help conceal your handgun. This one is easy, more room to spare, more room to conceal.
  4. Pocket Carry: This technique is straightforward. If you want an easy way to conceal carry, put a small gun (like a revolver or small .38) in a pocket holster. You want to avoid just placing your gun in your pocket without any protection, it can be hard to access when you’re sitting and may flop around dangerously if it’s just in your pockets since dress pants tend to be looser. Always use a holster to obtain increased safety.
  5. Ankle Carry: This is an easy option, especially if your ankle holster, pants, and socks are all dark. This type of concealed carry allows for discretion, comfort, and accessibility. Normally dress pants are loose, which allows an easier approach to concealing your firearm without worrying about printing.
  6. Deep Concealment Shirt: If concealment is a top concern, you may want to consider an undercover carry concealment shirt. These form-fitting shirts have built-in holsters that secure your firearm discreetly under your dress shirt. A button-down dress shirt will still provide easy access to your holster, making this a solid option with minimal printing. (if you are looking for a deep concealment shirt to purchase, we have some here).
  7. Custom Tailor Your Suit: This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a full wardrobe that can conceal your firearms. Bring your work suits into a tailor and have them custom-fitted to work with your firearm and concealed holster of choice. This is a more expensive option but can prevent printing or discomfort.

Concealed carry is a commitment to helping those around you. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are concealing your firearm safely and effectively to ensure you do not alert anyone around you.

If you’re looking for concealed carry holsters or deeply concealed carry shirts, browse our current offerings.

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