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by Leon Anthony 21 Jul 2022

Getting a concealed carry permit can be challenging. The process to get your permit differs from state to state, and understanding that process can get complicated quickly. 

In this article, we discuss 6 different tips to help you figure out the regulations and find out where to get your concealed carry permit. 

It is important to note before we dive in, regulations are always changing. We advise that you keep up with any changes in the laws of your state or city, and be mindful of the areas that have exceptions to those rules. 


Unless you are on your property, it is generally illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. If you want to carry a concealed firearm off your property, you will need to get a permit. 

All states allow the permits to varying degrees. A state like California for example, known for stricter gun laws, has a requirement where the applicant needs to offer a credible reason why they should carry a concealed weapon.

The general rule in any state, is that if you want to carry a concealed weapon, hidden in your clothing or inside of a bag, then you need to apply for a permit. Here’s some info on where you can start the process:



In some states, you have to take a course to be eligible for a concealed carry permit to ensure you know how to safely use/carry your firearm in public. A course will generally cover firearm mechanics, safe storage , and firearm safety. When you pass the course, you will get a certificate proving that you completed it and that will fulfill the requirement for training in states requiring a course.

The course may also cover some of the best ways you could conceal your weapon and how to keep it secure when you do. At Concealment Clothes, we believe there is never too much information to help you prepare for the obstacles ahead. Even if you aren’t required to get training, it’s still great to expand your experience and confidence with your firearm. 


Many shooting ranges aren’t just for target practice. They will likely sell firearms and host all kinds of classes surrounding firearm safety.

Call around to local shooting ranges and find an eligible course for CCW permits. Compare prices and class structures. Ask who the instructors are and what their experience with fire arms is. 

Many who teach these courses have used firearms in their previous occupations as security, policemen, or soldiers. Even if you already know a lot about firearms and how to be safe with them, you can always learn something new from an experienced professional.


 Some states like Texas or Virginia, allow residents to take online courses on firearm safety to fulfill the training requirement. Check to see if your state allows this and if it’s a good option for you.

Even if you take an online class, you’ll still need to have your shooting tested. This means an online class alone is usually not enough to satisfy the training requirements. 

Find an instructor who could help you finish the shooting portion of your course, and then you can finally complete the requirement.


Once again, understanding where to get a concealed carry permit will vary according to your state. The first place you should check is online. Many states have their own website specifically designed for these kinds of applications.

In states with stricter requirements on concealed carry, you will likely have to apply through your local sheriff’s office. There, they will conduct a background check, interview you, and determine if you have a legitimate reason to justify carrying a gun.

Check to see how strict the requirements are for your state to determine whether or not you can successfully apply for a license. Many states have walked back the strict criteria for a reasonable cause to carry because many courts have argued it violates our 2nd amendment rights.

This will continue to change, and so will how and where you apply.


Unless you are a member of the military, there aren’t many exceptions for this rule. In most cases, you must apply to the state you are a resident of in order to successfully get a concealed carry permit.

If you have a permit from another state, check to see if your state honors the permit. Many states with similar rules around conceal carry permits will generally honor one another. But if you go to another state that honors your permit, you still need to be up to date on their laws and any possible differences you may not already be aware of.


If you are reading this article, you are probably already in the middle of this step. When trying to find out where to fulfill your requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit, it is going to vary greatly depending on where you live.

Remember that laws surrounding concealment are in constant flux, it could change or be in the process of changing. It is your responsibility to keep up with updates and learn where the appropriate place is to apply and satisfy your training requirements.

Like we mentioned above, if you live in a state with strict requirements, chances are that you will need to apply directly to your local sheriff’s office. In states without strict requirements, then it may be sufficient to just apply online.

The simple truth about where you should apply is that it’s complicated. Staying up to date on these laws and understanding them isn’t straightforward and it’s going to take some effort on your part to get it all down.

Stay up to date on your local laws and what your rights are, and you will be able to legally conceal your weapon.

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