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by Leon Anthony 21 Jul 2022

Choosing the right holster can mean the difference between life and death, so it’s something you should put a lot of time into getting right. Fortunately, choosing the best in the waistband holster is a straightforward process.

Here are a few ways you can narrow down the perfect IWB holster for your pistol.


The first thing you should think about is finding a holster made for your pistol, not made for other firearms like it. This matters less with more versatile concealment options like belly bands, concealment clothing, and thigh holsters. 

IWB holsters must be made for your specific pistol to ensure proper retention and guarding of the trigger. Make sure to find a holster that accommodates any modifications like lights or lasers because standard holsters often won’t fit.


It seems like Kydex is all the rage nowadays, but do IWB Kydex holsters live up to the hype? They are marketed to be cheaper and more durable, and for the most part, this is true. But if you buy a Kydex holster from unreliable manufactures, you will likely find that your holster isn’t durable or comfortable to use.

When it comes to IWB holsters, comfort is one of the most critical factors. Leather holsters are the most comfortable option of the two, but they are also the most expensive. But as long as you purchase high-quality leather, your holster should last for many years.


The best IWB holsters are adjustable. You must have the freedom to adjust the holster to fit your carry position and body size. Depending on your body shape, you may need to adjust the cant of your holster, as well as the height and retention.

IWB holsters are never as simple as one size fits all. Making sure your holster is adjustable will allow you to carry all day comfortably, without having to worry about seating positions, the weight of your gun, or how it rides your body.


Due to the nature of an IWB, ease of access is an essential factor in choosing the right holster for you. The best IWB holsters have a secure hold of the firearm and provide for split-second draws in emergencies.

Depending on how you train, the best IWB holster for you will vary. For example, some may not be comfortable drawing their pistol if the holster rides too high or low. If the retention is too high, you may not be able to draw your gun quickly and discreetly. This is why it’s crucial to train with your holster.


IWB holsters aren’t right for everyone, but that’s ok. There are many concealment options that can suit you better and allow you to conceal your gun comfortably. Concealment clothing is the most comfortable option for those of us who carry firearms big and small.

You can choose from ankle holsters, concealment shirts, and pants, or even under-the-shirt belly bands suitable for almost all clothing types. Find the perfect concealment option for yourself.

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